Bundled with IM3 Ooredoo, Advan S50 4G is cheap

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Advan S50 4G 2

Together with IM3 Ooredoo , Advan again made a surprise by marketing a smartphone bundling program that targets millennials who want to get ease in feeling 4G LTE technology. This time, the smartphone that is marketed is the Advan S50 4G .

Sold with the IM3 Ooredoo starter card, Advan markets Advan S50 4G at a very affordable price, which is only Rp . 777 thousand . Of course, with prices like that, consumers can already enjoy Unlimited internet packages from IM3 Ooredoo.

What internet packages are offered in the bundling program this time? First, consumers can get free YouTube a year, there is also access to daily applications as much as they like, to streaming movies and music supported by quality 4G smartphones.

Advan S50 4G

Moreover, consumers who purchase this bundling package can enjoy unlimited internet packages and the main quota of up to 12 GB for a year. Customers only need to top up a minimum credit of Rp. 25,000 per month for one year to ensure the validity period of the card.

As explained by Radhia Bendhifi, Indosat Ooredoo’s Retail & Device Management Group Head that there is no credit deduction for the benefits of unlimited internet packages offered. For streaming movies and music, consumers will get free iflix VIP and Spotify subscriptions.

In this bundling program, it seems that Advan is not only marketing Advan S50 4G, but there are also two other devices, namely Advan i6A and Advan iLite tablets. Yes! Of course this is an attractive offer for consumers in Indonesia who want to buy a device at an affordable price.

If you are interested in buying the Advan i6A bundling program with IM3 Ooredoo, you only have to pay Rp1,449,000 . As for those of you who are interested in asking for Advan iLite , this tablet with the IM3 Ooredoo starter card is sold for Rp1,350,000 .

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