Cool! This is the Leaked Results of Google Pixel Night Sight Photos 3

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Just like the Pixel 2 Series , Google also made the Pixel 3 Series which was recently introduced to have the ability to produce photos well. Interestingly, Google also packs the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL with single camera support on the back.

Used as a smartphone for those who like mobile photography, Google also complements the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL with the support of features that are no less interesting. One of them is Night Sight, which Google finally adheres to to be loaded into its homemade smartphone.

Unmitigated, to show off the Night Sight feature, the internet giant also compared an image taken using the Pixel 3 with images taken using the iPhone Xs.

As a result, low-light photos taken using Pixel 3 look amazing aka amazing. Related to that, Google has also launched an update of the Google Camera application which basically moves the camera’s capabilities in Pixel 3 to Pixel 2.

Foto Google Sample Pixel 3

Unfortunately, the Night Sight feature is not officially available. Even so, the feature seems to be “hidden” in a code and has been tested by people who are members of the XDA Developers forum .

Keep in mind that this feature has never been released into the Pixel 3 Series even though there is a possibility when it has already launched, there will be some improvements. That is, the low-light photos that are produced can look better than examples of photos that Google has displayed.

But from the current condition of Night Sight features, it’s clear that the comparison that Google exhibits doesn’t seem excessive. Refers to photos shown by Google, where the sun sets clearly and this feature is able to produce photos that look as if taken during the day.

Perhaps more impressive is the results taken at night. In very dark environmental conditions, the Night Sight feature should be able to show its capabilities and create images with an incredible amount of color.

It is estimated that Google will only launch this feature next month, even though we have not been able to know for sure the launch date. While waiting for the presence of the feature, you can also see a collection of sample images below.

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