DroidLime iPhone Xs also has problems charging, this is the proof

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Apple Charging 5W

Do you still remember the test carried out by  Lewis from Unbox Theraphy about the iPhone Xs and Xs Max that was problematic when it was charged? Yes! That is not mere nonsense. The reason is, one of the iPhone Xs users on DroidLime (Wasa Wirman) also experienced the same thing.

As we can see through the video below this article, when the iPhone Xs is plugged in with the Lightning cable that has been prepared, Apple’s smartphone is not directly filled. Yes! Once plugged in for the second time, the battery charging process runs normally.

As Lewis revealed some time ago that this problem also landed on a number of iPhone Xs and Xs Max users in the United States. The users have complained about the problem to Apple. Unfortunately, this Cupertino-based company has not yet spoken.

In addition to charging problems, as is also widely discussed, iPhone Xs and Xs Max also have problems with Wi-Fi connectivity . Yes! Not a few of the new iPhone users complained about bad Wi-Fi signals. In fact they compared it to the iPhone X.

But for those of you who are interested in buying a new smartphone from Apple, there’s no need to worry. Through tests conducted by JerryRig , this smartphone has a solid and strong body. In addition, DisplayMate also provides an A + value for the screen owned by iPhone Xs Max.

Existing camera support testing is also not so disappointing. iPhone Xs Max when tested by DxOMark was able to achieve a value of 105. The performance of this smartphone camera is only inferior to the Huawei P20 Pro which is still mighty with a value of 109.

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