Exciting! iPhone Xs Max pitted against Hammer and Knife …

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iPhone XS Max is one of the latest flagship smartphones that Apple launched in September 2018. This smartphone is so attractive because it offers a wide screen and a variety of interesting features, such as the Apple A12 Bionic, 120 Hz touch-sensing to the camera sector.

In general, people will test the ability of the iPhone XS Max by benchmarking, playing games or camera tests. However, this does not apply to the TechRax channel which focuses on testing the toughness of smartphones in quite extreme ways.

The newest victim this time is the iPhone XS Max. A few days after its initial sale, TechRax, tested the smartphone with two methods of torture, which was stabbed by a knife and hit by a hammer.

In the 3 minute 37 second video, first start stabbing the front and back of the iPhone XS Max with a knife. TechRax found no significant damage, only small scratches adorned the glass body.

Then when the hammer is dropped to the front, the 6.5-inch screen breaks, but can still be touched at some point. What next? Check the video below:

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