Guess the Meaning of the Letter “R” and “S” on the iPhone Xr and Xs

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Apple always uses a simple and simple naming system for iPhone devices they make. Usually they only use numbers that function as a series pointer or each generation’s iPhone.

But Apple also has a certain iPhone series whose name ends with the letter “s”. For example, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s or iPhone 6s. Now, at that time, the letter “s” was used to describe the word “speed” which means the fastest version.

Then Apple also used the letter “c” on the iPhone 5c. Not specified in detail what is the reason Apple uses the letter. Then there is also an iPhone SE which stands for “Special Edition”.

Well, a year ago, Apple released iPhone X (read Ten) as a marker to commemorate their 10th birthday. And now Apple has also released three new iPhones, namely the iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs, and iPhone Xs Max.

What is the meaning of each of these letters? Quoted from The Verge, it turns out that Apple does not have a specific meaning or abbreviation behind the letter “r” and “s” that they use this time.

The letter could be just to describe a special series, as done by Porsche and Mercedes Benz luxury car manufacturers. As we know, both have special R-Class and S-Class car series.

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