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Having a fingerprint scanner on the screen will certainly be a mainstay for OnePlus to market the OnePlus 6T. Of course, OnePlus does not want to just follow a number of smartphone manufacturers that have adopted similar biometric security technology.

As we know, Vivo is a pioneer in the adoption of fingerprint scanners on the screen. Furthermore, Vivo’s move was also followed by other Chinese smartphone manufacturers, such as Huawei and Xiaomi. Yes! You could say the fingerprint scanner on the screen is a breakthrough innovation that is fairly interesting.

Associated with that, OnePlus did not mess around to campaign for the use of fingerprint scanner sensors on the screen that they pinned to OnePlus 6T. One of the ways OnePlus does is to make a short video titled “Unlock the Future”.

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The 30-second video that they uploaded to YouTube portrays the pyramid in Egypt, the air balloon made by the Montgolfier brothers, to the human landing on the moon. Does it have anything to do with the fingerprint scanner?

Of course the answer is, there is no connection with the fingerprint scanner. However, OnePlus through the video wants to say that a great innovation has been going on since hundreds of years ago. Yes! You could say this is a very inspiring OnePlus promo video.

And at the end of this video, OnePlus also shows the innovations they offer. The innovation is a fingerprint scanner on the screen which of course they will pin on one third of the bottom screen of OnePlus 6T.

This smartphone also still inserts the USB-C port which is still the same location as the one on OnePlus 6. The difference is, now the USB-C port has been flanked by the grille on the left and right. Most likely, OnePlus will increase the ability of OnePlus 6T speakers.

It’s just that, OnePlus is mentioned will eliminate the 3.5mm audio jack port. This smartphone itself will only be introduced on October 17, 2018. This means that there are still two weeks from now for us to find out other leaks from OnePlus 6T. What do you think?

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