Here’s the Face Unlock feature in Xiaomi Mi MIX 3

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The MIX 3 Mi will launch next week, but the leaked smartphone from Xiaomi continues to flow heavily on the internet. Mentioned, this smartphone will appear while maintaining a bezel-less design which is a typical MIX Mi.

In addition, this smartphone will still come with a bangs-less screen design and move the camera into the slider module. The latest leak that is no less interesting for you to know, this smartphone will also support scanning the face to unlock the device.

If you see the video below, the Mi MIX 3 held by someone can also be a “key” to open a laptop. That is the Dynamic Lock feature that actually exists in Windows 10. The smartphone is connected via Bluetooth and automatically locks the laptop when the connection is lost.

To open a locked laptop, just use the Mi MIX 3 through the face unlock feature, fingerprint reader, iris scanner or any feature offered by the smartphone. Of course from the video below, we can see that the Mi MIX 3 will indeed come with a face unlock feature.

Another surprise feature that Xiaomi will plant into the Mi MIX 3 is 5G network support . Yes! This was confirmed directly by Xiaomi itself. In addition, this smartphone was also mentioned to come with “super jumbo” RAM, which is 10 GB .

Of course what is not less interesting to think about by Xiaomi is the battery support that will be embedded in this smartphone. As we know, Mi MIX 2s, which launched in the middle of this year, is only equipped with a 3,400 mAh battery.

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