iOS 12.1 Will Launch Quality Selfie iPhone Xs

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Not a few owners of iPhone Xs and Xs Max complained about the ability of the front camera on the smartphone. The ability in question is not able to capture enough detail when the user wants a selfie photo.

Apple itself has confirmed that the embedded front camera support is not equipped with a beauty filter. Even so, the front camera on the iPhone Xs and Xs Max can smooth the face slightly, especially when lighting is not optimal.

Well! Responding to this, the Cupertino-based company from the United States also promised to provide an explanation for iOS 12.1. Later, through this update, Apple will fix the front camera problem that many iPhone Xs and Xs Max users complain about.

As disitat from The Verge, an Apple spokesman said the problem lies in the Smart HDR function. Instead of choosing a frame with a short shutter speed that captures more detail, the software places the exposure longer so as to produce less detailed images.

So Apple promised to fix the problem with an update of iOS 12.1 so that the camera application will prioritize choosing images that have better details. Currently, iOS 12.1 is still in beta. If it has entered the public stage, Apple will soon launch it more widely

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