Jegal Razer Phone 2, Xiaomi Will Release Black Shark 2 in the Global Market

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xiaomi black shark

In April this year Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi Black Shark. This smartphone is present to counteract the rate of Razer Phone which has already come first as a gaming smartphone. The steps taken by Xiaomi are a success, especially in the Chinese market.

You could say Razer is not so free when marketing Razer Phone in the Bamboo Curtain Country. The presence of Black Shark is considered a trigger. Now Razer has introduced Razer Phone 2 and this is also a new “ammunition” for Razer to fight again in the smartphone gaming market.

However, does Xiaomi just give up? Apparently not! It is possible that Xiaomi will also present Black Shark 2 and interestingly, this smartphone will be widely marketed. That is, Black Shark 2 is not only available in the Chinese market.

Black Shark 2 Global

The steps taken by Xiaomi were no longer a rumor. This they prove from the official Black Shark website that writes the words “Shark Approaching” and “Unleashing Soon”. Unfortunately, this information does not reveal further about the release time of Black Shark 2.

But not a few who suspect that the next generation Xiaomi gaming smartphone will be introduced early next month. That way, Xiaomi is really serious about disrupting Razer Phone 2’s journey .

Speaking of embedded hardware specifications, of course Xiaomi will use top-quality chipsets made by Qualcomm, namely Snapdragon 845. This smartphone should also come with 8 GB RAM combined with 128 GB of storage, not 64 GB anymore.

If Razer Phone 2 still adopts the old screen aspect ratio, of course Xiaomi doesn’t want to lose face. The aspect ratio of the screen offered is 18: 9. But somehow what Xiaomi will do to fight stereo speakers and Chroma lighting effects on Razer Phone 2.

Of course, eventually consumers will see from the price offered. As we know, Razer Phone 2 comes with a price offer of US $ 800 or around Rp . 12 million . It is possible that Xiaomi will sell Black Shark 2 much cheaper than Razer Phone 2.

What do you think of waiting for the presence of Black Shark 2? Of course DroidLime will continue to inform you of the next leaks regarding Xiaomi’s gaming smartphone. For that, we are waiting for your comments.

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