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Apple has recently informed about the price for repairing the iPhone body and cracked screen. Not only for the latest iPhone trio, Apple also outlined the prices for a number of other iPhone series that they are still marketing, including the iPhone 7.

For iPhone Xr , if the smartphone screen has a problem, the user must pay a repair fee of US $ 199 (Rp3 million). Different for the two other newest iPhone models, iPhone Xs and Xs Max , consumers have to spend more money, namely US $ 279 (Rp.4.2 million) and US $ 329 (Rp.4.9 million).

For other damage, namely a cracked body, iPhone Xr users must be willing to pay a higher repair fee, which is US $ 399. Whereas for iPhone Xs and Xs Max users have to spend US $ 549 (Rp.8.2 million) and US $ 599 (Rp9 million).

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What about the three iPhone models introduced last year, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus? For iPhone X owners whose screens are cracked, they must pay a repair fee of US $ 279. While the repair costs for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the cost is US $ 149 and US $ 169.

Cost of repairs that are also not small must be issued by the owner of the iPhone X if the smartphone body is in trouble. Yes! The fee to be paid is US $ 549. As for the damaged body of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the repair costs that must be paid are US $ 349 and US $ 399.

Of course the price of the repair will be different if the user uses AppleCare +. With costs incurred through AppleCare +, users will get one-stop technical support. Not only that, there is also hardware protection, including software support.

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