Looking to the future: Samsung phones Galaxy S8 and S9 miss new Android design

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Samsung Experience 10: New theme for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9

The update to Android 9 Pie for current Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy S9 but also older models like the Galaxy S8 let’s wait again. The reason for the delay is now known. The customized interface “Samsung Experience 10” will change significantly . Visually, everything is much rounder, there is a new multitasking and a gesture control is integrated. These are just the most important points. Samsung will of course also make all the innovations of Android 9 and many optimizations. A developer at XDA did not want to wait and use the design of the Samsung Experience 10 right now. He has developed a theme that brings at least the look of the upcoming version on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9. This looks like this:

(Source: xda-developers ).

What falls directly in the eye? The dark fashion. For smartphones with Super AMOLED panels perfectly suited to display content even better. Furthermore, everything seems much rounder. The new multitasking menu, the notifications and so on. If you do not want to wait, you can download the theme now .

At XDA, the necessary APK will be offered for download and instructions will be provided. The procedure is as follows:

  • Open Theme Store and set the default theme.
  • Download and install a new theme .
  • Then change to the settings and “Backgrounds and Themes”.
  • There you would have to see the new “Samsung Experience 10” theme. Now you can choose it, agree to the trial version and reboot the smartphone. Even though the application says it’s a trial version, it’s the full version.

Note: The installation of the theme is at your own risk. GIGA assumes no liability for problems.

After completing these steps, you will get a preview of the “Samsung Experience 10”. Of course, nothing is changed in the system itself, but only the appearance adjusted. If you no longer want the optics, you simply choose another theme. What do you think?

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