Mate 20 Pro: The real reason why the Huawei phone is so expensive

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Mate 20 Pro: The real reason why the Huawei phone is so expensive
Source: GIGA.

Huawei’s latest smartphone flagship is 100 euros more expensive. Were the P20 Pro with an EIA of 899 € at the start, buyers for the Mate 20 Pro already 999 euros on the table. Although the price increase may have different reasons – one factor seems to stand out in particular: the fingerprint sensor in the display.

Mate 20 Pro: Huawei phone without fingerprint sensor in the display significantly cheaper

Huawei has announced another version of the Mate 20 Pro for the Chinese home market. The new model is exactly the same as the international version, which is also offered here in Germany. The only difference: The fingerprint sensor is missing in the display. With a price of the equivalent of 680 euros, this version is significantly cheaper than the regular Mate 20 Pro.

Of course, smartphone prices in China are generally cheaper than in Germany and Europe, which is partly due to lower taxes in the People’s Republic. In addition, cell phone manufacturers in Germany have to bear other costs such as the copyright levy, which are transferred to the retail price.

Nevertheless, even in China, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro with so-called in-display fingerprint sensor is much more expensive than the version without. This feature is one of the biggest price drivers on the new Huawei phone.

Huawei Mate 20: The cheaper and better Huawei phone?

How well the fingerprint sensor works in the display, we are currently in the test of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro under the microscope, which will be released this weekend on GIGA. But if you already know that he can do without the innovative function, you should take a look at the regular Mate 20. The smartphone has many features of the Pro model, such as the brand new Kirin 980 processor , but has a conventional fingerprint sensor on the back on board – and is with 799 euros  but significantly cheaper.

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