Next Sunday Release, Vivo Z3 Use Snapdragon 710

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It can be said that October 2018 is a solid month for a number of smartphone manufacturers to produce their newest products. However, until now there were no signs of slowing down. The latest leak, Vivo will follow along to release the latest products made.

Through a teaser poster that appeared on the internet, Vivo has revealed that they will release smartphones that enter the Z-series line, to be exact Vivo Z3 . This smartphone alone will be launched on October 17 2018.

Of course the Z3 will be a device that is only marketed in China. However, actually this is very unfortunate. Vivo should be expected to be more daring to also market the device outside of China. Confirmed via the poster, Z3 will have a Snapdragon 710 brain .

Not only interesting with embedded chipset support, this smartphone also comes with Dual Turbo technology introduced by Vivo. This technology aims to improve performance and gaming experience on this smartphone.

Dual Turbo technology was previously introduced by Vivo in September 2018 then when they released Vivo X23. Then, what is the estimated price of the Vivo Z3? Rumors circulating, Vivo will sell this smartphone in the price range of CNY 1799 or around Rp . 4 million .

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