Peek at the ASUS ZenFone 6 Prototype

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ASUS is currently listed in the top six leading PC manufacturers in the world. But it’s not just a PC, ASUS also has a smartphone product line known as ZenFone. Unfortunately the progress of ASUS-made smartphones still cannot speak much globally.

This year ASUS has relied on the ZenFone 5 line and the ZenFone Max Pro series to compete against other manufacturers. And at the end of this year, ASUS has also released the ROG Phone which is the highest series. Well, how about next year?


Almost certainly ASUS will spawn the ZenFone 6 series line. But until now there has been no leak about the smartphone, especially about the specifications and features that it will carry. Then what about the leaked form?

Well, recently there were three ASUS smartphones that were thought to be prototypes of the ZenFone 6 series. From the appearance of the smartphone, ASUS looks like it’s trying something new, especially in the smartphone screen and rear camera.


Because there is a smartphone that looks to have a water drop model bangs in the middle of the screen. But there are also those who have similar bangs, except that the position protrudes to the side.

There is also a prototype that contains the configuration of the three rear cameras with a vertical position on the left side of the body. Then, which designs will ASUS choose later? Of course everything is still a mystery and we have to wait at least until the middle of next year until this smartphone is released.

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