Peek Off Off Inside Google Pixel 3 XL

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As we wrote some time ago, JerryRig had the opportunity to test the durability of Google smartphones that have the largest screen size, namely Google Pixel 3 XL. Having a solid body, JerryRig also admitted that the Pixel 3 XL was so strong that it was not easily bent.

It’s just that, JerryRig is very disappointed because the body behind this smartphone, especially at the bottom is very easy to scratch. In fact, YouTubers who really like to test the strength of many of these premium smartphones do not recommend the 3 XL Pixel to be stored in a pocket with a coin.


Unlike the first test, this time JerryRig came back together with the 3 XL Pixel to disassemble the smartphone. Yes! This was deliberately done because he wanted to show the internal design of Google’s smartphone.

When the rear cover part is opened, we can see quite striking Qi wireless charging that is covered with a black layer. There is also an indicator that works to find out whether this device has ever entered water or not.


Further disassembled, there is also a very strong adhesive used to attach the battery to the body of the 3 XL Pixel. And shifting slightly to the top, we can also find two front cameras loaded by Google into this homemade smartphone.

Well! When JerryRig managed to remove the two front camera sensors in Pixel 3 XL, we can also find out why Google finally has to make bangs that are so large. Yes! The bangs that are owned by Pixel 3 XL are a little weird, so they are bullied by many gadget lovers.

JerryRig also mentioned a little about the 3 XL Pixel that was dismantled by iFixit some time ago. Agreeing with iFixit, JerryRig also confirmed that this Google-made smartphone is difficult to repair. So if you have a 3 XL Pixel, make sure to be treated as well as possible.

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