Pocophone F1: Good news for owners of the cheap Xiaomi smartphone

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Cheap Xiaomi smartphones with good hardware do not get Android updates? Nope! Xiaomi has simply announced that the Pocophone F1 will receive both the update to Android 9 Pie and the update to Android 10 Q – at least. Although the Poco F1 is “only” with Android 8.1 Oreo and MIUI 9 delivered, but that is not so. The update to MIUI 10, which eliminates many of the known problems of the smartphone that we reported in the test of the Pocophone F1 , will be rolled out in the near future, The new interface will be played regardless of the Android version on the Xiaomi smartphones. It does not necessarily have to be connected to an update to Android 9 Pie. That could also be provided later.

Android 9 Pie and 10 Q for the Pocophone F1: When will Xiaomi launch the rollout?

It is currently unclear exactly when Xiaomi distributes the updates. Android 9 Pie is ready for months and actually the Pocophone F1 could already be delivered with the new version. With luck, it could happen this year, but you should wait for the official announcement. Android 10 Q could appear in 2020 if you look at what happened this year. But that does not matter. At a price of less than 350 euros  and these high-end specifications, you can wait quite a bit. Of course, fast updates would be great anyway.

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