Samsung’s new Galaxy smartphones: This decision will change the mobile phone market sustainably

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Samsung's new Galaxy smartphones: This decision will change the mobile phone market sustainably

Samsung phones: New Galaxy smartphones are produced externally

Unlike Apple, which has always used contract manufacturers for iPhones and never produced their own smartphones, Samsung has built the Galaxy phones in their own factories. The increasing competition from China, especially from Huawei, is now rethinking the company. In the future, certain models will be outsourced and manufactured by contract manufacturers. The first smartphone, which is no longer built by Samsung itself, but only on behalf, should be the Galaxy A6s, which has already appeared under the name Galaxy P30 . Now the “Samsung Galaxy Phoenix”, so the code name, was spotted on first pictures:

Samsung orders a manufacturer so only according to their own specifications and designs Android smartphones to build and can thus scale much better. The contract manufacturer must then see that the production is running. Apple, Microsoft and many other major manufacturers have been using this model for years. But there is also a disadvantage.

In the future, Samsung therefore has the trust that the contract is delivered. So far, the company itself had full control. However, Samsung Galaxy A6s photos look very promising. Especially the design with the eye-catching colors and the color gradient fits into the today’s time. Huawei has triggered this trend and many smartphone manufacturers are now attacking it. It is so noticeable that the front is so colored. The other Samsung smartphone Galaxy A7 and A9 (2018) , the front is in black. This creates an even better look. When exactly this smartphone is presented, however, is still open.

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