Setback for the Mate 20 Pro: Can the Huawei smartphone recover from this?

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Setback for the Mate 20 Pro: Can the Huawei smartphone recover from this?

Recently, Huawei Apple has come out of second place of the largest smartphone maker . The success story of the Chinese manufacturer is even more impressive when you look at a particular issue: Huawei does not take place in the US de facto. In one of the most important and lucrative mobile markets in the world, Huawei leads a shadowy existence. Even the new Mate 20 Pro will not change this sad situation, as Huawei announced now.

Mate 20 (Pro): No official sale of the Huawei smartphone in the US

After at least some versions without provider branding in the US were available from the predecessor, the Mate 20 Pro will complete a complete arc around the United States. “We have no plans to sell the Mate 20 series in the US,” a Huawei spokesman told Business Insider.

Although it is possible that some international variants are offered via online shops. However, Huawei expressly encourages potential buyers to thoroughly review their warranty. Without being frank: Huawei does not feel responsible for the problems with the Mate 20 or Mate 20 Pro ( differences here ) that are not officially sold in the United States.

What US Americans have to do without the Mate 20 Pro, you can see here:

Huawei Mate 20 Pro in hands-on: the most spectacular Android smartphone.

Huawei: Espionage allegations hinder US success

But why does Huawei have such great difficulties in the US? Huawei as a Chinese company spies for the People’s Republic operate. Huawei smartphones. Pressure from politics means that major Huawei smartphones.

Of course, Apple and Samsung, Huawei’s two biggest competitors, are not struggling with such problems. Unlike the Mate 20 Pro, the two companies can easily offer their current top models iPhone XS and Galaxy Note 9 in the US market. That should also affect the sales figures: The direct comparison with the competition Huawei’s new top smartphone probably can not win.

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