Shock for Samsung fans: Galaxy smartphones should lose important cell phone function

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Shock for Samsung fans: Galaxy smartphones should lose important cell phone function
Samsung does not dare to take the step on the Galaxy S10 yet, but in the Galaxy Note 10 it does. The next high-end smartphone with stylus Galaxy Note 10 is to renounce the universally popular 3.5-mm jack. After Apple stopped using it a few years ago to plug in its smartphones and the iPhone XS now no longer even a free adapter mitliefert , now Samsung could succumb to the unloved trend. Other manufacturers of Android phones have been obstructing for some time no 3.5-mm jack and more have followed the example of Apple directly. Thus, OnePlus has repeatedly defended the connection in recent years and advertised its own smartphones – andstill refrain from using the upcoming OnePlus 6T . That’s probably how it works in the smartphone industry.

A specific reason why Samsung should forgo the Galaxy Note 10 for the first time on a 3.5-mm jack, does not mention the source. Presumably, in a year the trend towards wireless music enjoyment in the focus moved and so slowly adopted by this connection in smartphones.

Even if Samsung renounces the Galaxy Note 10 on the 3.5-mm jack, we do not assume that then suddenly all Galaxy smartphones of the manufacturer are built without headphone jack. In the premium sector, the use of wireless headphones is still well marketed, certainly not in the entry-level and middle-class range. Maybe Samsung goes that far and adds wireless headphones to smooth the waves a bit. But until the presentation of the Galaxy Note 10, almost a year goes by, so that the rumor can disperse again. Currently, we can hardly believe that Samsung will renounce this connection, which has almost become a unique selling point.

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