The advantages of the Mi MIX 3 Camera will be transferred to the Mi 8 and Mi MIX 2S

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Mi MIX 3 3

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has made its debut from the Chinese market and this smartphone has become a news that has been raised by many media because it comes with a slider design. Not only that, this smartphone also comes with dual-camera rear capabilities that cannot be underestimated by competitors.

Yes! As tested by DxOMark , the latest smartphone from Xiaomi has dual-camera rear support that is directly compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and HTC U12 +. Mi MIX 3 by DxOMark is given a score of 103 points for its dual-camera rear capability.

Of course, this achievement was welcomed by Lei Jun as the CEO of Xiaomi. On the sidelines of the launch of Mi MIX 3, the number one on Xiaomi also continued to show off Mi MIX 3’s dual-camera capabilities and gave several examples of photos taken using the smartphone.

Mi MIX 3 Camera

The good news isn’t just there, it’s said that Xiaomi will also update the dual-camera Mi MIX 2S and Mi 8 so it has better capabilities than Mi MIX 3. As we know, the dual-camera Mi MIX 2S and Mi 8 are identical with Mi MIX 3.

The same thing was also confirmed by Lei Jun that the three smartphones made by Xiaomi, namely Mi MIX 3, Mi MIX 2S and Mi 8 have pinned dual-camera 12 MP + 12 MP. The main lens has been equipped with a Sony IMX363 sensor and the telephoto lens has a Samsung S5K3M3 sensor installed.

This of course indicates that it is probable that Xiaomi will also fix the Mi 8 Series lineup which has the same dual-camera configuration. So, we just wait for the breakthrough that Xiaomi will do.

In addition, Lei Jun also said that the research and development team at Xiaomi had worked hard to realize that. The dual-camera optimization will certainly be done through software updates and now consumers can be ready to reap the benefits.

Unfortunately, Lei Jun did not say in detail when the Mi MIX 2S and Mi 8 users were able to taste the update. But not a few analysts close to Xiaomi said that the update will come in the near future.

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