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Meizu 16 Indonesia

Meizu is one of the smartphone manufacturers that is so keen to produce attractive devices. Unfortunately, not a few gadget lovers complained that Meizu only marketed their homemade devices in China.

Outside of China, usually Meizu-made devices are marketed unofficially. This is different from what is done by competitors, such as OPPO and Vivo. But recently the news circulated that Meizu planned to re-enliven one of its old markets, namely Indonesia.

As revealed by Pipit Sri Puspita, Meizu Indonesia Digital Marketing Manager disitat from that Meizu will launch five new devices in the next few weeks. Of the five devices, three of them are smartphones and the remaining two are earphones.

Three smartphones that are strongly suspected to be launched by Meizu in Indonesia are Meizu 16, Meizu M6T, and Meizu C9 . Estimated price, the Meizu 16 will be priced at over IDR 6 million, while the Meizu M6T is expected to be sold under IDR 2 million.

The third smartphone, the Meizu C9 is a device intended for entry-level and is expected to be sold under Rp1.5 million. While earphones that will be marketed in Indonesia by Meizu are Meizu Pop and EP52 Lite which are Bluetooth wireless earphones.

Unfortunately, Pipit was reluctant to mention the price of these two Bluetooth wireless earphones. In addition, Pipit also kept the date of the fifth Meizu-made device secret. So, let’s just wait for the Meizu breakthrough

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