Up to JerryRig’s Hand, Here’s the Fate of Google Pixel 3 XL

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Google Pixel 3 XL Black

Google has recently introduced two new smartphones, Google Pixel 3 Pixel 3 XL. No need to wait long, these two smartphones have also been marketed by Google and the first country to taste this smartphone is certainly the United States market.

Google promises, at the beginning of November 2018, these two smartphones can be purchased in a number of countries, including Singapore, which is the closest market to Indonesia. Unlike other premium smartphones, Google also mixes Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL with the support of one rear camera.

Yes! This is quite surprising because the technology giant from Mountain View is still confident with the support of a single camera on the back. Although Google also tempts its customers to offer Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL with dual-camera selfie support.

As usual, the popular YouTuber Zack Nelson from JerryRig was also curious about the durability of the two Google-made smartphones, especially the Pixel 3 XL. No need to think long, Zack did some extreme testing on the smartphone.


It may be admitted that Google does pack this smartphone with a premium design. Moreover, they are also confident to embed bangs into the 3 XL Pixel screen, although not a few gadget lovers regret the steps taken by Google.

As usual, the first test is scratching the screen. As a result, the new 3 XL Pixels scratched at level 6 and scratches are increasingly clear when entering level 7. Of course this again raises questions about the strength of the OLED screen embedded by Google into this smartphone.

Admittedly, the power of the screen owned by Pixel 3 XL is still equivalent to that of other premium smartphones, such as the iPhone Xs Max and Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Then, what about the strength of the rear?


Well! Regarding the back of the 3 Pixel XL, Google is still packing with a dual-tone design. The difference with the previous series, the rear body of the Pixel 3 as a whole has been wrapped with glass material protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

One thing that is quite interesting, not all the back of the 3 XL Pixel can be easily scratched. Yes! Only the bottom is not shiny. Even so, this is very vulnerable because Zack shows the rear body of the 3 XL Pixel that is easily scratched with coins and key tips.

Not only that, the fingerprint sensor on the back of the device is also easy to scratch. Likewise with the aluminum frame around the smartphone body. Of course this is a homework that is not easy for Google to create the next stronger Pixel.

Testing that is not less interesting when Zack burns the Pixel 3 XL screen for a few seconds. Have spots appear on the screen, but quickly disappear. Finally, this smartphone also helped to bend. What is the result, see the test video via the following link .

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