When Samsung Participates in Want to Make a Gaming Smartphone

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Samsung Smartphone Gaming

As we have seen, currently not as small as smartphone manufacturers are competing to release their devices with the best camera support. Just look at Huawei which made a surprise by releasing Mate 20 Series with the support of three embedded cameras.

Besides Huawei, Samsung did not want to lose. The technology giant from the State of Gingseng is more surprising by launching the Galaxy A9 (2018) which comes with four rear cameras and Galaxy A7 (2018) which has three rear cameras.

Not only Huawei and Samsung, other smartphone manufacturers, such as OPPO and Vivo are also so keen to release smartphones that again and again offer beautiful front cameras. Both smartphone manufacturers are more confident to present a device to indulge lovers of selfie photos.

Is that just what the smartphone manufacturer can do? Apparently not! Now not a few smartphone manufacturers are seeing the game market savory and they are competing to bring smartphone gaming.

Starting from Razer

All of that started from Razer which in 2017 spawned Razer Phone . Seeing this, Nubia, Xiaomi and ASUS were provoked. Nubia presents Nubia Red Magic . While Xiaomi and ASUS present Xiaomi Black Shark and ASUS ROG Phone .

In fact, recently Razer has presented Razer Phone 2 and Xiaomi has a plan to introduce Black Shark 2 on October 23, 2018. And ASUS has just officially announced the sale of the ASUS ROG Phone in the US market.

One thing that is no less surprising, Samsung is also reportedly also going to plunge to produce smartphone gaming. If the news is true, of course the competition in the gaming smartphone market in the future will get hotter and more interesting.

Enter the Galaxy A series

Allegedly strong, the Samsung smartphone will be placed in the Galaxy A Series. Then, what about the performance? Hopefully, this Samsung smartphone gaming smartphone will come with Snapdragon 845 which is combined with 8 GB of RAM.

Speaking of the option of offering internal storage, of course the smallest storage is 64 GB and the largest is 256 GB. Of course Samsung will not forget to provide 128 GB of internal storage options.

Regarding design, Samsung is suspected that it will not be provoked to make this gaming smartphone like Razer Phone 2 and Black Shark that has a logo that can spray RGB colors on the back or like the ASUS ROG Phone that has a very macho body.

Of course Samsung will pack this gaming smartphone using a more general design such as Galaxy A7 (2018) or Galaxy A9 (2018). Only, the body is made stronger with aluminum material wrapped in glass.

Also like gaming smartphones made by Razer, Xiaomi and ASUS, gaming smartphones made by Samsung will also be equipped with cooling systems. As we know, Samsung has added the Water Carbon cooling system on the Galaxy Note 9 and that innovation got a positive response.

Well! When will this Samsung gaming smartphone be launched? Rumors are circulating, Samsung will release its homemade gaming smartphone at the end of November 2018. So, let’s wait for the device to leak in the next few weeks.

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