Wow! Apple-Made Plastic Casing For Sale Rp. 600 Thousand

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iPhone Xr Casing

Apple has introduced three new iPhone models in mid-September 2018. Until now, the new iPhone Xs and Xs Maxmodels have been marketed. While the new iPhone Xr model will be sold by the end of October 2018.

Associated with the accessories offered, Apple has also begun to sell various types of official casings for Xs da Xs Max, including silicone casings and those made of leather. Unfortunately, Apple did not mention the plan to sell casings for the iPhone Xr model at all.

In the end came a news saying that the Cupertino technology giant had spread a press release in Canada and the United States informing them that they would release a case for the iPhone Xr. Yes! Good news for prospective iPhone Xr buyers.

Iphone Xr Casing 2

So, what will the iPhone Xr casing look like? As we know, the iPhone Xr comes with a rear body that has a variety of attractive colors. Of course, the casing that will be made by Apple will not cover the body color of the iPhone Xr.

Yes! Apple will make transparent casing made of plastic. So it can be concluded that it is a hardcase that is made with a standard design. Leak it, on the bottom side is made a little more open.

Press releases circulating also mention that this casing will sell for US $ 40 or Rp600 thousands in Canada and the United States. Actually, if the iPhone Xr consumer later wants to buy a third party case, Spigen has also sold it, which is worth US $ 14 or Rp200 thousands.

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