Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 Competitive Pixel 3 with Dual-camera Selfie

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Xiaomi seems to really enjoy the plan to launch its new smartphone, Mi MIX 3 . This device will be packed with the highest screen-to-body ratio, making it the highest screen smartphone compared to some other smartphones ever made by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi itself has also recently released a teaser poster that shows the MIX 3 Mi in its entirety. Predictably, the images shown are one of Xiaomi’s ways to tempt gadget lovers, especially Mi Fans.

Again and again, the teaser poster displayed only shows the front of Mi MIX 3. One thing is quite surprising, Mi MIX 3 has a dual-camera front. Confirmed directly through the image, the main sensor installed has a 24 MP resolution.


Of course, not a few who hope with the ability of such sensors, the main lens is able to capture selfie photos and videos with high resolution. Unfortunately, the sensor is not revealed either, whether wide-angle or bokeh. Mi Mix 3 is also expected to come with a dual rear camera.

Not only presents dual camera support on the front which is so surprising, Mi MIX 3 will also be the latest flagship made by Xiaomi with the support of the fingerprint sensor on the screen. Yes! Previously Xiaomi itself had loaded the feature into the Mi 8 Explorer and Mi 8 Pro.

In addition, Mi Mix 3 is also mentioned to come with a 10 GB RAM variant and 5G network connectivity support. Xiaomi will only launch this smartphone on October 25, 2018 in Beijing, China.

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