Android OS Replacement Candidates have begun to be tested

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Currently the name Android is very popular. It can even be said in a number of countries, no one does not know Android. Yes! The name Android is said to be almost as popular as Coca-Cola drinks. In fact, Google’s operating system is already running on billions of smartphones and tablets.

Unfortunately, the widespread adoption is not that Android has no shortcomings. One drawback is the fragmentation of the version among hundreds of different smartphones that use the operating system. Of course this is a homework for Google to overcome the problem.

Yes! Responding to this, currently the news circulating says that Google is developing another open source operating system called Fuchsia. Did you hear it for the first time? No need to worry! Its development is not commercialized by Google.

But there is one interesting thing shown by 9to5Google. A new entry found in Fuchsia Gerrit, the source code management site for the operating system states that the new patch has added support for Kirin 970.

To test the newly added support, the Fuchsia core code is booted into Honor Play, a smartphone that comes with the Kirin 970 chipset. As we know, the Kirin 970 is also loaded into the flagship smartphone it has developed, such as Mate 10 and P20.

This is increasingly interesting, considering that Google Pixel smartphones have used the Snapdragon mobile platform from Qualcomm. The last time Google and Huawei worked together when they worked on the Nexus 6P. Is this a sign that the two giants will reunite their strength again?

Running on Honor Play devices, this also marks a big step in the development of Fuchsia. In addition, this also shows that the operating system might be more real than previously thought.

Google’s plan for this new operating system can of course implement on all devices made by the company. In addition, not only replacing Android, Fuchsia will also be able to replace the role of Chrome OS.

What if other smartphone manufacturers want to adopt Fuchsia? As an open source operating system, of course Fuchsia can be used by them. Even so, new Fuchsia can be as popular as Android if Google dares to provide a guarantee. So, we just look at the next development.

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