Apple Starts Market Refurbished 8 iPhone, How much is it?

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The iPhone 8 series is now a year old since it was first introduced in September 2017 along with the iPhone X. Interestingly, Apple has now started selling the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus refurbished version.

Of course the refurbished items here are official from Apple. So the quality should still be guaranteed. How about the price? For refurbished iPhone 8 64 GB, it starts at US $ 499, aka US $ 100 cheaper than the normal version price.

For refurbished iPhone 8 Plus variants with a capacity of 64 GB offered for US $ 599, it is also cheaper at US $ 100 compared to the normal version. All refurbished iPhone 8 units that are sold are in an unlocked condition that can be used for all SIM cards.

Just for additional information, usually the official refurbished unit from Apple is a unit that previously experienced minor problems, such as a defective body or damage to the battery. The unit was then repaired by an official Apple technician, replaced by a new case, and sold again.

Similar to normal iPhone units, all officially refurbished iPhone refurbished units are equipped with a one-year warranty period that can be extended using AppleCare + services.

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