Hilarious! Xiaomi Infused OnePlus Through Calculator

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The sarcastic-sarcastic tragedy is happening again in today’s smartphone competition. Of course we still remember how Huawei insinuated Apple delicately by distributing Powerbank to people who queued for iPhone Xs at the Singapore Apple Store some time ago.

Well, a similar incident happened again, this time it was done by Xiaomi against OnePlus. Yes, Xiaomi “trolls” OnePlus by distributing calculators to messengers who want to buy OnePlus 6T in India.


Then, what does the calculator mean? Xiaomi intends to invite the requester to count again through the words “Do The Math” which is printed on the calculator pack they shared. In essence, Xiaomi assesses the price of the OnePlus 6T far more expensive than the Pocophone F1 which has similar specifications.

Not only that, the Twitter account of the Indian Pocophone also calls OP an abbreviation for over price. As we know, the price of OnePlus 6T is starting at Rp.8.4 million. This price is considered too expensive because at the beginning of its presence OnePlus was known as an affordable flagship.

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