Leaked Photos Reveal Vivo NEX 2 Has Two Screens

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Vivo NEX is the first smartphone that comes with pop-up selfie-camera. Seeing the breakthrough made by Vivo, OPPO is also interested in releasing Find X which also has front camera support tucked inside the pop-up mechanism.

Unlike what was done by Vivo and OPPO, Nubia, a subsidiary of ZTE, was not interested in adopting a pop-up mechanism. For this reason, Nubia concocted the Nubia X, which had a second screen on the back of the device.

Predictably, the innovation offered by Nubia X so that the smartphone can have a bezel-less and better quality selfie main screen. Well! The innovation of the Nubia was apparently also favored by Vivo.

From a photo that appears on the Weibo site, Vivo seems to be busy working on NEX 2 . Interestingly, Vivo NEX 2 is designed with two screens, similar to those owned by Nubia X. Yes! This smartphone has a main screen and a second screen is on the back of the device.

By adding a second screen to the device, Vivo is expected to remove the need for the front camera. Later for NEX 2 users who want to have selfies, they can use the main camera on the back while enjoying entertainment in the main screen panel.

So what about the support of the specifications? It is too early to reveal the specifications of the NEX 2. But it is strongly suspected, this smartphone will still be using the Snapdragon 845 which is equipped with 8 GB of RAM and not small internal storage.

The main screen seems to be similar to that of the Vivo NEX S, the 6.59-inch AMOLED screen panel. While the secondary screen might have a 16: 9 ratio to make room for the three cameras pinned at the top and underneath there is the Vivo logo.

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