LG is back in the forefront of rolling out Android 9 Pie updates

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In the Indonesian market, LG is preparing to leave and will no longer market its devices in the country. But that is different from the global market, where the South Korean manufacturer still exists.

Well! For those of you who are curious about the first LG smartphone that will taste the Android 9 Pie , now it’s starting to be answered. Mentioned is LG G7 One , LG smartphones that are included in the Android One project in the near future will soon taste Google’s latest mobile operating system.

As revealed by XDA Developer, updates for the LG G7 One are currently being distributed and it is estimated that the update file is around 812 MB. Besides Android 9 Pie, the update is also related to security patches in November and new functions for the camera.

Of course updates related to security patches are not surprising. Because the Android One smartphone is promised by Google to receive the update every month. However, accepting the latest Android is of course a surprise that will be felt by LG G7 One owners.

Android 9 Pie itself has an Adaptive Battery feature that allows users to limit battery usage to applications that are not often used. Other support is Digital Wellbeing, namely the ability of the system to learn the use of devices and applications installed.

Then, will the LG G7 ThinQ also be able to taste Android 9 Pie. Not a few who expect LG in the near future will soon offer an Android 9 Pie Beta update to LG G7 ThinQ users in South Korea.

As for LG G7 ThinQ users in the United States, of course LG must wait for telecommunications operators to test their updates first. And it is also possible for LG G7 ThinQ to be marketed outside of South Korea and the United States will also get similar updates.

The question is, why is the LG G7 One so easy to get an Android 9 Pie update earlier? Yes! This is closely related because the smartphone is included in the Android One project and of course LG G7 One will be faster to taste the Android 9 Pie compared to the others.

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