LG wants to make a smartphone with 16 cameras

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The existence of a camera on a cellphone from what was previously only a complement, has now become a major requirement. Even cameras are now used as the main selling point to attract potential customers.

So it’s not surprising that there are currently smartphones that have more than one main camera. Until now, the Samsung Galaxy A9 was listed as the first smartphone to offer up to four rear cameras.

But what Samsung does is likely to get fierce resistance from its compatriot, LG. The Korean electronics company is currently taking care of patents on smartphones with multi cameras. No half-hearted, LG wants to insert 16 camera lenses at once!

Reporting from LetsGoDigital, the patent of 16 camera lenses on one smartphone contains lenses with various focal lengths and also different characteristics. It could be that there will be a wide camera, ultrawide, monochrome, telephoto, and various other lenses in one smartphone.

The increasing number of camera lenses also allows us to create unique types of photos, photos with a 3D perspective for example. Or it can also create up to 16 snapshots.

Yes, even though the smartphone products are not in demand in the market, LG is indeed proven to be diligent in innovating. Previously LG had made a curved smartphone (LG G Flex), a modular smartphone (LG G5), a FullView smartphone (LG G6). Well, we just wait for the surprise, especially what LG will present.

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