Mate 20 Pro in the review: This problem has the Huawei phone ice cold caught

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Mate 20 Pro in the review: This problem has the Huawei phone ice cold caught

A whopping 93 percent have dusted the Huawei Mate 20 Pro in the test of GIGA . In addition to the long battery life and the excellent camera was also praised, among other things, the OLED display, which has a particularly sharp and bright appearance. Ironically, in this area, the Huawei mobile seems to be struggling with large quality fluctuations.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro: Mobile phone users report the green cast in the display

Currently, reports of frustrated owners of the Mate 20 Pro are complaining about display problems with their smartphone. After only a few days, the screen would have a greenish tinge under certain conditions. The problems are especially visible in bright, very bright and dark backgrounds, so the complaints.

How widespread is the green cast on the display of the Mate 20 Pro, can currently not say. According to some user reports, the problem mainly occurs with devices that have a screen from LG. The models, however, which have a display built by supplier BOE, should not be affected by the shortcoming. The affected mobile phone users now make their anger in public air. In social networks the hashtag #gluegate is used.

Display problems with the Mate 20 Pro: Huawei is silent

Huawei’s annoying is the behavior of Huawei, because the Chinese manufacturer is silent on the allegations. After a colleague at the Huawei Forum in the UK confirmed that, under certain conditions, Huawei distanced himself from the remarks. This is, according to Huawei, no official statement of the group. Huawei has become the disappointment of many Mate 20 pros.

GIGA has asked Huawei for an official statement. As soon as there is new information, we will update the article.

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