OPPO Release Powerbank and Cute Themed Pokemon Case

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Until now, OPPO is still the leader of fast charging technology for smartphones. Yes, OPPO has SuperVOOC technology together with the launch of the flagship Find X some time ago. SuperVOOC itself has a charging power of 10V 5A which means it is equal to 50 watts.

That way, SuperVOOC chargers can charge OPPO smartphone batteries that support as much as 40 percent in ten minutes. But what if we forget to bring the charger head? As we know, SuperVOOC technology can only be felt using the original data charger and cable.

To get around this, OPPO released accessories in the form of powerbank which already supports SuperVOOC. Interestingly, the powerbank appeared with a very eye catching theme, which is yellow with a picture of Pikachu (Pokemon) on the whole body of Powerbank.

This special Powerbank comes with a 10,000 mAh battery capacity and USB C output. There is also an indicator light to indicate the remaining battery capacity stored in it. Not only Powerbank, OPPO also introduced other accessories in the form of Pokemon pictorial casing for the R17 Pro series that was just released.

Well, what is the price of each accessory? Both are sold separately. If you are interested in buying a SupeVOO power bank, you have to spend US $ 50 (IDR 750 thousand). While for the casing it sells for US $ 29 (Rp.450 thousand) including a package of stickers and an NFC card that serves to replace the smartphone theme.

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