Revealed! This Hidden Fingerprint Location in OnePlus 6T

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The presence of the latest smartphone from OnePlus, namely OnePlus 6T makes Zack the channel owner JerryRigEverything on YouTube do a lot of testing. Of course the first test done by Zack was the durability test of the cellphone.

In testing durability, Zack also admitted that the OnePlus 6T does have a strong body. Yes! The smartphone introduced by Pete Lau is apparently not easy to bend. Even so, Zack still notes on the screen.

Well! After testing its durability, Zack continued by changing the OnePlus rear glass panel to be made transparent. It was not difficult for Zack to do that and he only needed to get rid of the layer of paint on the smartphone’s rear glass panel.

In the end, OnePlus, which had a black glass panel, has now turned transparent. In addition, we can see clearly the rear dual-camera module installed and the red battery pinned by OnePlus.

Now, the OnePlus 6T that is still in Zack’s hands was again demolished. After successfully removing the rear glass panel, Zack also tried to remove all the modules attached to the top of the smartphone, especially the dual-camera installed.

However, from this demolition process the most interesting thing is when Zack unpacks the bottom of the OnePlus 6T. Yes! We understand how this smartphone manufacturer from China loads a fingerprint scanner sensor in its adopted screen.

Just below the AMOLED display panel, OnePlus apparently made a small hole that allows the sensor to scan close-up of the user’s fingerprint. The sensor installed is also very similar to a normal camera, but much smaller.

Other interesting findings include watertight seals placed in several places along with a circuit board that protects electronics against corrosion. In addition, OnePlus seems to have used space that is usually occupied by a 3.5mm audio jack so there are no more ports.

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