Samsung Galaxy F Folding Screen Smartphone Released This Month?

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Samsung Galaxy F

Mentioned that Samsung has successfully worked on its first folding screen smartphone . There are rumors that also mention, the folding screen smartphone will be exhibited at the Samsung Developers Conference event that takes place in San Francisco, United States.

But not a few people doubt that Samsung will show its folding smartphone at the event which will be held on November 7 and 8, 2018. According to some recent reports, this smartphone will be named Galaxy F (maybe “F” means “foldable”) .

Samsung itself has plans to launch the Galaxy F which has the official SM-F900U model number at the beginning of next year. The same report also stated that the pre-production unit would be tested in the United States with the number of software development F900USQU0ARJ5.

This also shows that the device will arrive with a unique version of Android UI. Yes! This interface was developed in partnership with Google. Other model numbers, namely SM-F900F and SM-F900N have also appeared and are likely to be aimed at European and Asian markets.

If the report is valid, it means that Samsung also has plans to market the Galaxy F globally. Unfortunately, the South Korean electronics giant closed the meetings regarding hardware support embedded in this smartphone.

The only thing that was revealed was, even though it hasn’t been confirmed by Samsung, this folding smartphone will have a large internal storage capacity of 512 GB. Not surprisingly, a number of analysts predict that the Galaxy F will be sold in the range of US $ 2,000 (Rp30 million) .

But again this is just a rumor and until now Samsung hasn’t confirmed it at all. So, we’ll just wait for the next leak about the Galaxy F. Are there comments from you? Don’t forget to write it in the column provided below.

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