Samsung’s daredevil step: Two limits are crossed with this Galaxy smartphone

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Samsung's daredevil step: Two limits are crossed with this Galaxy smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with huge 4K display expected

The current Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a 6.4-inch diagonal Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2,960 x 1,440 pixels. The panel is one of the best screens in a smartphone . In the coming year, however, this will not be enough, because many smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei now use 7-inch displays in their mobile phones and some manufacturers like LG even use higher resolutions than Samsung. The world market leader in the smartphone sector will not like this for much longer. For the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10, a 6.66-inch display is planned, which has a 4K resolution. This would surpass Samsung almost the entire competition. Only Sony has already installed 4K displays in smartphones.

The size and high resolution of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 would have advantages in the presentation of content, but could be without appropriate adjustments to the smartphone to the problem. Samsung would have to make the Note 10 with such a large screen almost borderless. Even the 6.4-inch model of the Note 9 looks compared to the Mate 20 Pro very large and heavy. In addition, the capacity of the battery would have to increase again to compensate for the higher energy requirements for the high-resolution screen. On the other hand, performance would be enough, because even the older Exynos and Snapdragon processors can handle the 4K resolution. If you do not need it, you can use the current Galaxy Note 9, which not only convinced in the test , but also has fallen powerfully in the price  .

Camera comparison of the currently best smartphones:

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 really with 4K display?

If you take the rumor mill of recent years, then for several generations, the introduction of a 4K display in Samsung’s top Galaxy smartphones was expected. Has become nothing. Instead, Samsung has continued to improve the display quality and brightness of existing screen technology. With the Galaxy Note 10, however, Samsung could exceed these two limits and obstruct an incredibly large and high-resolution display in the new phone. The only question is, is that really necessary.

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