Vivo NEX S2 may be equipped with three main cameras

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Vivo NEX S is one of the most attractive smartphones launched this year. How not! This smartphone was introduced by Vivo with front camera support hidden and can appear with pop-up designs.

As reported earlier, Vivo is currently rumored to be working on the next version of Vivo NEX S and this smartphone will come with the Vivo NEX S2 name . Interestingly, this smartphone has two screens. Yes! One as the main screen and the second screen on the back panel.

There are rumors that are also circulating, the possibility of this smartphone will slide in the near future. Is it possible? As we know, 2018 leaves another month. If the rumors are correct, of course this will be Vivo’s ultimate weapon at the end of this year.

Meanwhile, the unboxing video of the “mysterious smartphone” circulating on YouTube further confirms some unique design elements of Vivo NEX S2. The main screen has a design called the Lunar Ring , which seems to be a colorful RGB LED like a ring.

Unfortunately the unboxing video does not demonstrate the second screen so it is difficult for us to find out more details about Vivo NEX S2. The Lunar Ring design also surrounds the three embedded cameras so it really looks more attractive.

Presented as a set of hypotheses in the video, the configuration of the three embedded cameras might have a 3D Time of Flight sensor. Yes! Sensor support is still a prediction and of course we will continue to wait for more valid information.

In the unboxing video, it doesn’t mention the camera pop-up at all. Allegedly strong, Vivo really changes the extreme design of Vivo NEX S2. For users who will later want to have a selfie, of course they can use three cameras that are juxtaposed with the second screen on the back panel.

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