Will LG Smartphones Leave Indonesia Soon?

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For years LG Mobile has enlivened the smartphone market in Indonesia. Speaking of popularity, the name LG in Indonesia is almost on par with Samsung. Because, before producing smartphones LG has supplied electronic products such as TVs, refrigerators to washing machines. Then, how are you with LG Mobile? Is the LG smartphone assembly still selling well in Indonesia?

Even though it has been competing long enough, the LG mobile has not been able to defeat its compatriot, Samsung. In addition, the presence of a group of Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo reduced LG’s chances of achieving success in the Indonesian market. On one occasion, Head of LG Communication Indonesia acknowledged that LG’s market share in Indonesia was still very small.

Especially at this time, LG is focusing on releasing flagship smartphones at high prices. Though the flagship smartphone market in Indonesia is still dominated by Samsung and Apple. Of course it is not easy to subvert the two names.

Rumors that the LG smartphone is not selling well are not only heard in Indonesia. Apparently, LG is indeed struggling to restore their image while convincing their fans who have turned to other brands.

The sad news circulated through social media which contained information that LG would leave Indonesia. This news was posted by one of the world observers of Herry SW technology through his Twitter and Facebook account. Although not mentioning the brand name directly, but the post implies that LG will leave Indonesia.

Is this just drama? To be sure, we are looking for additional information. As a result, we found news that the LG Mobile Division which has an office in Gandaria City will be eliminated this month. Will LG really leave Indonesia? Let’s wait for further news.

It’s really unfortunate if the brand as big as LG goes from the Indonesian market. But what can be done, the sale of LG smartphones seems to have decreased. Somehow LG is not targeting the entry-level smartphone market.

If only LG wanted to work hard to create products that were more affordable, the chance to survive was enormous. However, for a brand as big as LG certainly has a specific strategy in running its business. We look forward to what LG does after this.

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