Xiaomi sells an intelligent real paper notebook capable of digitizing your notes

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Xiaomi sells an intelligent real paper notebook capable of digitizing your notes

Xiaomi continues to launch products away from the mobile phone market. With the passage of time, the firm has put on sale very attractive items, such as a toilet or an intelligent ukulele . Now the company has added to its shopping page a smart notebook of real paper capable of digitizing your notes .

Through Youpin , Xiaomi has added to its huge product system a smart real paper notebook capable of digitizing the notes or drawings of the users , the Bamboo Slate. A product that allows to transfer in a simple way to the computer, tablet or smartphone what the user writes in the sheets.

A product that was launched some time ago and that does not bear the signature of Xiaomi, but rather it is a work of WACOM , a company that works in the manufacture of articles focused especially for designers. So the company has simply included it in the huge catalog of its shopping website.

The Bamboo Slate notebook is a model that incorporates more modern features that are linked to interactive technology and connectivity. In this way, users can download the Wacom Inkspace application to be able to organize, edit and share with their smartphone through Bluetooth the notes and drawings they make on the sheets.

The mechanics are simple. The user can write on the sheets of paper and with the push of a button will be able to convert their notes and drawings made by hand into digital files . Bamboo Slate allows you to save up to 100 pages to synchronize later if you do not have your smartphone nearby.

A feature that will allow users to be connected to their social networks, such as Twitter or Instagram, and transfer files instantly to share the content with their followers. The notebook is for sale on Youpin at a price of 799 yuan, about 101 euros a change .

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