Geekbench Reveals the Latest Vivo Smartphone with 10 GB RAM

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Vivo made a breakthrough at the end of this year by launching Vivo NEX Dual Display Edition . One thing that is not less interesting, this smartphone arrives with 10 GB of RAM. Even so, it’s not the only Vivo smartphone that has 10 GB of RAM.

Because the unnamed Vivo smartphone also has 10 GB RAM and Snapdragon 845 chipset . The smartphone has been hanging out at the Geekbench testing site and is written as “vivo vivo 1813”.

However, the model number is similar to Vivo Z3i (V1813A) and Vivo Z3 (V1813BA). So, is the smartphone a “Pro” version of Z3? It seems very possible. The Z-series was introduced this year and has Z1, Z1 Lite, Z1i and Z10 as members including Z3 and Z3i.

Tested at Geekbench, the Vivo smartphone scored 2371 points in single-core testing. Whereas in multi-core testing, the score reached 8326. In addition, Geekbench also noted that this smartphone was running with the Android Pie operating system.

Vivo NEX S and Vivo NEX Dual Display Edition are two flagship Vivo with Snapdragon 845 chipset. Apparently, the two smartphones will come with a new family that might be launched as Vivo Z3 Pro . Just like that, we just wait for the next leak.

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