Samsung Presents Notebook 9 Pen for Creators

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Samsung at the end of this year made a breakthrough again. However, this time the breakthrough was presented not in the smartphone market, but a laptop with a 9 Pen Samsung Notebook . Yes! This is a 2-in-1 premium laptop equipped with S Pen .

Through the release sent to DroidLime, Samsung confirmed that this premium laptop is perfect for those who are struggling in the creative industry. Not only that, this 2-in-1 laptop is also perfect for those who want a flexibility to complete their work.

“Choices and creativity go hand in hand, and decent creators have the flexibility to work the way they want, whenever inspiration comes,” said YoungGyoo Choi , Senior Vice President and Head of the PC Business Team, Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics.

Furthermore, Choi also stressed that with enhanced design and performance, along with the latest S Pen, the latest 9 Pen Samsung Notebook is perfect for modern professionals who need high-level technology.

Even though it uses a metal frame, the 9 Pen Notebook has been designed to be a portable device, and can accompany wherever the work brings. This device comes in two new colors, Ocean Blue and Platinum White that support its sophisticated design.

S Pen is a loyal friend of the Notebook 9 Pen can react instantly when touching the screen – like a real pen when touching paper – thanks to a reduction in latency of up to 2x compared to the previous model.

S Pen comes directly with the device, does not need to be charged, and is stored directly in the device. Sketch. Take notes in the middle of the meeting. Draw an idea diagram. All user records are stored directly and can be shared or sent through the cloud.

To enhance the experience of using the S Pen, users can download the free Myscript Nebo App for three months trial period. This application can convert notes into digital text, also convert hand-drawn charts or diagrams into a more neat version.

Talking about its innards, the 9 Pen Notebook comes with the latest 8th Generation Intel Core i7 processor. With fast-charging capabilities, the battery can be charged quickly and used for up to 15 hours. Also by logging in through face recognition and fingerprints.

Other support, the 9 Pen Notebook offers flexibility and speed with expandable storage, 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports, and the next generation Gigabit WiFi support. In addition, this premium laptop is also equipped with AKG speakers and ThunderAmp smart amplifier technology.

Speaking of availability, the new 9 Pen Notebook will be marketed first in South Korea and will follow several other countries, such as the United States, China, Brazil and Hong Kong at the beginning of next year. There are two models offered, sizes 13 inches and 15 inches .

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