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Vivo continues to tempt the latest potential buyers of Vivo NEX . Yes! Recently Vivo released its new teaser about the next generation Vivo NEX. Through this teaser, Vivo also seems to want to emphasize that this new smartphone will indeed come with two screens.

Not only the affirmation in the screen sector, Vivo also wants to show off the support of three cameras pinned on the second screen in the rear panel. Yes! Obviously, Vivo also beautifies this smartphone with the Lunar Ring design which encircles two of the three existing cameras.

The second screen on the rear panel also functions as a “viewfinder” when users want to take selfies. Therefore, Vivo does not contain camera support in the front panel and not a few predict the screen-to-body ratio of this smartphone is higher with a very thin bezel.

This latest Vivo NEX brings  “extraordinary dual screen breakthrough in the future” . This is because the dual screen design is the main feature of the smartphone. It is estimated, Vivo will still complement this smartphone with a fingerprint scanner on the screen.

If the prediction is correct, the latest Vivo NEX is the first dual screen smartphone that comes with a fingerprint scanner on the screen. Of course this is an interesting innovation offered by Vivo to loyal users.

Unfortunately, the smartphone hardware specifications are still locked tightly by Vivo. Provisional estimates, the latest Vivo NEX will come with a Snapdragon 845 Octa-core chipset that combines 10GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage.

As for the software, this smartphone is predicted to offer a new interface experience. Yes! Mentioned, Vivo also developed a new version of its interface based on Android which has been adapted for dual screen smartphones. What do you think?

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