24-inch iMac: Top New Features

Apple recently introduced their new 24 inchiMac, and in this video, were going to explore its top new features. Starting withits incredible design. This new model is available in seven colors,green, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, and silver. And its the thinnest iMac evermade, at just 11.5mm. That also helps lower its weight, which is just 9.8 pounds, or 4.4kilograms. Thanks to its new stand, this modelsfootprint is smaller than before. Measuring in at 5.8 inches instead of 6.9. On the back youll find just two thunderboltports, if you buy the base model. While the higher end models feature an additional twoUSB-3 ports. Apple also managed to include an Ethernetport, which is built-in to the power brick, and costs $30 on the base model. While beingincluded for free on the higher end models. I should also mention that the power brickis now located in the middle of the cable.

That way, it can lie on the floor insteadof taking up space on your outlet. Speaking of cables, this model features acolor-matched woven fabric power cable, something never done on a Mac before. Next, is Apples powerful and efficientM1 chip. Which enables the iMac to do all kinds of incredible things. Like launch appsin the blink of an eye, or wake instantly from sleep. It also allows for a smaller logicboard and thermal system which was crucial in achieving a super-thin design.

You canclick through hundreds of Safari tabs, edit photos without a hitch, enjoy a CPU thatsup to 85% faster, graphics that are up to two times faster, run iPad and iOS apps, enjoythree times faster machine learning, and edit 8K video all thanks to Apples M1 chip. Now lets talk about the gorgeous 4.5K RetinaDisplay. Its measures in at an expansive 24 inches, compared to 21.5 previously. ItsP3 color gamut brings photos and videos to life with over a billion colors. While 500nits of brightness allows content to shine through. The display also has an industry-leadingantireflective coating, delivering greater comfort and readability. And TrueTone technologyautomatically adjusts the color temperature of your display to the ambient light of yourenvironment, for a more natural viewing experience. Now lets talk about the FaceTime camera.It has a larger sensor that captures more light. While delivering double the resolutionfor higher-quality video calls. At 1080p HD, its by far the best camera ever in a Mac.And the M1s advanced image signal processor allows for computational video on the fly.Which automatically adjusts the white balance and exposure to make sure you look your bestin any situation.

Next are the microphones. This iMac featuresa studio-quality three-mic array, designed to reduce feedback, so conversations flowmore naturallyand you interrupt each other less. Beamforming technology helps the micsignore background noise. Which means everyone hears you instead of whats going onaround you. The speakers have also been dramatically improved.With a six-speaker sound system featuring two pairs of force-cancelling woofers, eachbalanced out by a high-performance tweeter. Thanks to this advanced speaker setup, theiMac now supports Spacial Audio when playing video with Dolby Atmos. Next, are the accessories. The iMacs keyboardhas been redesigned. With the keys in each corner hugging the aluminum perimeter. Newdedicated keys for Spotlight, Dictation, Do Not Disturb, and Emoji have been added.

While,for the first time ever, Touch ID comes to the iMac. So you can easily and securely unlockyour computer, use ApplePay, and download apps. Also, the iMac features a color-matchedtrackpad, keyboard, and mouse. Finally, lets talk about its environmentalimprovements. All of the virgin wood fiber in its packaging comes exclusively from responsiblymanaged forests. The rare earth elements in the speakers, fan motor, and power connectormagnets are completely recycled. And when you combine those factors with its high recyclability,the 24-inch iMac can be considered the most environmentally friendly Mac ever. So those are the top new features of the iMac,thanks for watching till the end, and dont forget to leave a like on your way out..

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