As Dusk Falls is an interactive adventure game

Xbox Game Studios this week launched the new interactive adventure game As Dusk Falls, making it available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S in addition to being available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers. The adventure was created by the development team at Interior Night and built on the Unity game engine that offers both single and multiplayer modes. The adventure game’s interactive storytelling offers unique techniques for measuring the consensus among players on “pivotal narrative decisionsWhen playing cooperatively in its multiplayer modes.

As Dusk Falls adventure game

Pack your bags because it’s time for a trip to Toe Rock County, where the decisions you make may have unexpected consequences. With Dusk Falls now available, and there are several ways to play this relentless crime drama. You’ll learn more about the Walker and Holt families and how Their lives were intersecting. You will make in-game choices to navigate challenging scenarios such as hostage negotiations, robbery, family strife, and more.”

With choice and score being a central theme in As Dusk Falls, multiplayer adds a unique twist. Lobbies support up to eight players simultaneously and can consist of online friends, couch co-op, or a combination of both! It’s also cross-platform, So no matter where your friends play, they’ll be able to join you. The in-game multiplayer function allows everyone to vote on the dialogue or action they want to see performed in-game, and the most popular vote wins. You may not always get what you want!”

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