Atlas Fallen Action RPG launching sometime next year

Focus Entertainment and Deck13 Interactive recently revealed their latest creation in the form of Atlas fallAnd the “Fantasy epic, action RPG with super powerAtlas Fallen will launch on PlayStation 5 sometime during 2023 and a snippet of the gameplay can be seen at the end of the merged trailer below.

Rise out of the dust and free humanity from the oppression of the gods. Slide on the sands of an immortal land, full of ancient dangers, puzzles and fragments of the past. Hunt legendary monsters, using powerful shape-shifting weapons and devastating abilities on the sand in amazing and extremely powerful combat. Aim and collect the essence of your enemies to forge a style Customize your gameplay, crafting a new era for humanity in a co-op or solo story campaign.

Atlas fall

Maintaining a deep feel as well as some of the moves that were core to the series The Surge, the battle of Atlas Fallen is primarily defined by speed and fluidity. We’ve retained ideas such as the body parts targeting system and the implant system, using a different approach to best support the RPG side. Focused. We’ve taken everything a step further in the direction of advanced character management and move-set customization, so you can approach combat in your own way.”

“The feel of the game is our main concern when it comes to designing Atlas Fallen. We left aside the strict limitations of realism to focus on giving the game a strong sense of excitement. A key design element to making this happen is Sand Gliding, which is how the hero will move through the vast world of Atlas Fallen. It’s key to the game’s high mobility system, and it brings amazing speed and verticality to the amazing movement of the fight.”

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