Batman recreates the most disturbing plot hole that revealed a secret about the genius of the Penguin

Batman Returns The Penguin has somehow gotten the charts to the Batmobile, with dialogue suggesting one interpretation and the narration revealing another.

One of the most baffling moments in Batman Returns It was when The Penguin revealed that he somehow had the blueprints for the Batmobile, and while the movie only suggests an explanation, other material confirms how it happened. Tim Burton version of Batman Significantly more isolated than most iterations of the Dark Knight, which makes the plans for his main vehicle fall into the worst possible hands even more bizarre. Danny DeVito’s version of The Penguin suggests a possible explanation, and Batman Returns The script almost explained this strange moment, but it is the film’s narration that offers the best explanation.

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Batman’s main transport form, Batmobile, appears in each of Tim Burton’s films. As Catwoman explains, The Penguin in Batman ReturnsHe initially planned to blow up both Batman and his vehicle loaded with weapons in one fell swoop, making his takeover of the Batmobile schemes possible. Instead of killing Batman, however, The Penguin installs a device for his gang members that puts the car under his control, uses it to run over civilians and further discredits Batman.

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in Batman ReturnsThe Penguin told Max Shrek that he used to get neglected or condemning neglected documents (“You pour it on, I brag about it‘), providing the closest thing in the movie to an explanation of how the Cobblepot got hold of the Batmobile’s plans, but the film’s script included a deleted scene with another explanation. Early in the movie, Batman leaves the Batmobile unprotected as he fights Penguin’s henchmen during an attack on Gotham Plaza. Several gang members check and photograph the unprotected vehicle, which later allows them to make plans. Batman Returns The novel reveals the legal interpretation, however, as Penguin obtains the plans from Max Shreck, who in turn used his money and influence to obtain them from the car’s engineer.

Batman reinterprets the revamped Batmobile that makes even more sense

Batman fights the Red Triangle gang in Batman in Batman Returns

Bruce Wayne and Alfred take Batman’s secrecy very seriously in the Burton universe (apart from Alfred bringing Vicky Fall into Batcave’s cave), so it seems unlikely that they would carelessly ignore obvious copies of the Batmobile’s plans to acquire Penguin. Furthermore, it was also unlikely that Penguin’s goons would be able to draw accurate diagrams of the chariot and use it to sabotage it later by simply photographing it with their armor. Explanation in Batman Returns The novel is the most plausible, but it is at least somewhat questionable.

The origin of Burton’s Batmobile has never been fully explored, but Bruce and Alfred’s maintenance and repairs to the car later in the film indicate that the two built the car themselves, aptly demonstrating Wayne’s genius. Furthermore, if a third party does the initial designs and builds the car initially, Bruce Wayne will work to ensure that the information is not easily bought or bribed out of their hands. The interpretation of the novel, although perhaps not narrow, is related to the first draft of Batman Returns script.

Written by Sam Hamm, who wrote the original screenplay for the 1989 film and went on to write the legal script Batman 89 intentional cartoon Batman Returns (Initially known as Batman 2) as a direct sequel to the first movie. In addition to keeping Vicki Vale in a major role and returning to local locations from the 1989 film, he also made a joke about the giant marketing campaigns of the Batman films by having street vendors sell pieces of the destroyed Batwing as merchandise. The engineer from whom Max Shreck obtained the plans for the Batmobile may have been linked to the growing popularity of Batman, claiming to have worked on the Batmobile but only studied it for some time. This would coincide with Batman Returns Explanation of the novel while aligning with Bruce Wayne’s maintenance of Batmobile in the film.

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