Best High School and College Backpacks for Students in 2022

Whenever there is a student, it is sure to have a backpack strapped to their back. Whether they’re on their way to the gym to sweat some curls (or whatever people are doing at the gym) or going to the library to research their college major (more so than fast), they’ll pack their stuff in a bundle. You have to think of two things as a student looking to have a backpack, however – will it fit all of your items? Is there a laptop cover so my laptop is safe? Is there room for a bottle of food.. water? We’ve rounded up the best backpacks out there and put them all here for you to pick your favorite.

Our top three picks for this year

Our favorite backpack is the MATEIN college backpack (Opens in a new tab). It has a slot for just about everything, like a built-in laptop sleeve, a phone pocket, and even an anti-theft pocket for your valuables. There is also a greater choice for larger laptops, and its relatively low price makes it a very solid choice for anyone.

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