The latest report circulating in cyberspace says that the Huawei P30 Pro will arrive in the first quarter of next year. One interesting thing, the report also mentions that the premium […]

On the sidelines of the launch of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro a few months ago, Huawei also announced the presence of a 40W SuperCharge . Yes! This is a super fast battery charging technology offered by Huawei […]

Huawei Device Indonesia has recently successfully held a photography workshop that took place at Skyloft All Seasons Thamrin. Having a theme titled Nova Academy, this photography workshop is intended for users […]

Huawei managed to steal the attention of gadget lovers in many countries when they introduced their homemade Mate 20 Series. Yes! One of the smartphones it introduced, the Mate 20 Pro is a device that […]

Relations between the United States and Huawei are not very good. President Donald Trump has several times called on his people not to use Huawei smartphones. Not because of the quality, but […]

Taking night photos on a day is now easier just by using a smartphone. There are already various vendors that present the Night Mode feature to support these needs, one of […]

To provide a larger screen surface on the smartphone, Huawei technicians patented the handset on the screen. As you can see in the picture yourself, the edges of the screens […]

The telecommunications industry is preparing to enter the 5G era. Seeing that, a number of smartphone manufacturers are competing to prepare their devices with super-fast internet capabilities. Like Xiaomi, they have announced […]

As we know, Huawei packs the Huawei Mate 20 Pro with various advanced features in it. There are three back camera support, 3D face recognition, a fingerprint reader on the screen, wireless charging […]

As we have previously reported, LG has recently offered a new patent regarding the smartphone it developed. Yes! The patent is closely related to the front camera which will later be loaded in the […]

In recent years Huawei has been superior in the chipset industry for mobile devices. The latest breakthrough offered by Huawei is the presence of the Kirin 980 chipset which they introduced at the […]