Crimson White IRDM PRO DDR4 Memory

The Goodram Crimson White series of DRAM DDR4 memory modules feature a frequency of 3600MHz with 18-22-22 timings and a voltage of 1.35V. The new white memory is available in single capacity modules offering 8 and 16 GB as well as dual channel 16 and 32 GB combinations.

White DDR4 Memory Module

IRDM PRO DDR4 Crimson White memory modules are for gamers, enthusiasts, and users who expect speed and reliability. The memory modules are based on an 8-layer white PCB and Samsung specific D-Die memory chips. All surrounded by a stylish heat sink and heat sink, available in the new Crimson White color with a distinctive red IRDM logo.

“We are convinced that our new modules will appeal to many gamers and will be the perfect complement to the white PC collections that continue to grow in popularity. It is worth paying attention not only to the attractive design of the Crimson White memory modules, but also to the high-quality components such as the Samsung brand memory chips used here. Says Wiesław Wilk, President of Wilk Elektronik SA, owner of the IRDM brand. “

“The IRDM PRO modules are equipped with improved low-level heat sinks, heat dissipation and ensure stable operation of the computer. CRIMSON WHITE modules are a unique color version that combines a white heatsink and crimson red details on a white PCB. The minimalist design is especially suitable for computers, and new trends in hardware devices specially designed computer.

Source: Goodram

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