Extreme Sports Apple Watch 8 is coming this year

We previously heard that the new Apple Watch will launch in September with watchOS 9 and now we have some details about the Extreme Sports Apple Watch 8.

The new Extreme Sports Apple Watch 8 is apparently designed to be tougher than the standard version of the Apple Watch.

Obviously, the device will have a new metal casing that can take more bumps and shocks and it will also come with more scratch- and shatter-resistant glass. Obviously, the screen on this device will be larger than the standard Apple Watch.

This news comes in a report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman which revealed some details about this rugged version of the Apple Watch.

The Extreme Sports watch will use a sturdy metal material instead of aluminum, have a shatter-resistant display, and include a larger battery than standard Apple Watches — allowing athletes to track workouts for longer periods of time, people said, who didn’t ask for it. To be identified because the watch details have not been announced.

This definitely seems like a good idea because the standard Apple Watch isn’t really designed for extreme sports or outdoors where the screen and casing can easily be damaged.

We suspect Apple will charge a premium for the new Apple Watch from Extreme Sports over the standard model. The device should launch sometime in September with the iPhone 14.

Source Bloomberg

image rights: David Shvihovic

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